Fun2write, single-sourcing with

Fun2write is a framework, supporting writers in the production of crossmedia documentation. It brings together as an editing environment on the input side, and Norman Walsh's docbook-xsl on the output side.

Writing guidelines and templates as well as corresponding production drivers and stylesheets empower the user to run an based single-source solution. Its consistent output supports all formats docbook-xsl offers, including websites, PDF and CHM.

The file format is used as one single source: The user has not to export documents and eventually manage different types of the same file. All production work, including conversion of text and images, will be operated over a simple GUI. Fun2write can be installed locally or on a workgroup host. It's components are available for all common operating systems.

Meta data and special docbook-xsl formating instructions are stored by hidden user-fields inside documents. The user accesses this set of user-fields through macros. Docbook filters currently available for had been extended accordingly.

Once Fun2write is set up, the user may simply focus on the writing job with unspoiled fun – Fun to write.